Gosleksluzhba lifted the ban on popular products – 24 Channel

Держлікслужба зняла заборону з популярних препаратів - 24 Канал

The state service of Ukraine on drugs and drug control has lifted a ban from five popular solutions.

About it reports a press-service dosta.

In particular, the temporary ban was lifted from the solution “ethyl Alcohol“, 96%, water 100 ml in vials 010218 of the State enterprise alcohol and alcoholic beverage industry “Ukrspirt”, Ukraine.

The ban was lifted from infusion solutions “Glucose“, 50 mg/ml to 400 ml in glass bottles series AB 178/1-1 LLC “Yuriya-Pharm”, Ukraine.

Also Prepared lifted the ban from which two solutions for infusion manufactured by “Yuria-Pharm”, Ukraine.

We are talking about “Sodium Chloride” 9 mg/ml for 400 ml in bottles of series AA 1678/1-1 and “ringer Solution“, for 400 ml in bottles series AM 248/1-1.

A temporary ban was lifted and solution for external use “Biosept“, 96% of 100 ml in vials series 051217, PJSC “biolek”, Ukraine, Vinnitsa region, Ladyzhyn.

Add, 12 Oct Ukraine has banned the sale of just eight drugs.

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