Got rid of 17 pounds: star of “the Voice” shared method of struggle against excess weight

Скинула 17 килограмм: звезда "Голоса" поделилась методом борьбы с лишним весом

Anastasia Spiridonova calls to do a variety of sports, not to torture yourself with extreme dieting.

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Singer all his life trying to cope with the extra weight. However, before the red-haired girl favored a strict diet and not a sport and a balanced diet.

When Anastasia began to weigh 85 kg, she realized that it was time to change something. She liked neither in the mirror nor the way she looked at the blind auditions of “the Voice”. Then she decided 2 weeks of drinking only milk and water and eating nothing. The result of such experiments become large health problems.

“I got dizzy, almost fell into the hungry fainting, reached the colic! The horror!” – said Spiridonov edition of “Interlocutor”.

Now the singer has abandoned the old ways and found the perfect recipe: every day a girl riding her bike. Now the celebrity has already lost 7 pounds, but she has no plans to stop.

Recall that Anastasia became famous thanks to “the Voice”, where she took third place, and in 2015, she managed to win the show “Three chords”.