Government support measures may cover more than 35 thousand Crimean entrepreneurs

Правительственные меры поддержки могут охватить свыше 35 тысяч крымских предпринимателей

More than 35 thousand legal entities and individual entrepreneurs can become the recipients of new measures to support businesses affected in connection with the distribution in the region COVID-19. The correspondent of the Crimean news Agency reported Vice-the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan – Minister of Finance Irina Kiviko. Photo: Lydia Vedova

– We have prepared a draft law on some measures to support organizations and individual entrepreneurs affected by the deteriorating situation with the spread of a new coronavirus infection. We will generate a register of recipients of support measures. The Crimean government determines the activities, which affected the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the RK. Further, the recipient of the support shall forward the application to the tax authority at the place of residence or the place of residence of an individual entrepreneur on paper. (…) To obtain measures of support for April the code is for the months 04, may – 05, for receiving support measures during the first half of may, – 55, – told Kiviko.

Among the requirements for recipients of support: the recipient must be registered in Kazakhstan as of March 30, 2020, the main activities fall under the list of victims in connection with the distribution of COVID-19 activities, the recipient of the support is not in liquidation, and against it not entered bankruptcy.

– The most important is, of course, to the number of employees of the recipient of the support was not less than 90% of the number of employees in March, concluded Kiviko.

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