Grabbed by the hair and dragged around the house. Kharkov mocked someone else’s grandmother

Схватил за волосы и таскал по дому. Харьковчанин поиздевался над чужой бабушкой

Balakleya district court convicted previously convicted 31-year-old Kharkiv resident in robbery with violence and entering into someone else’s home, and sentenced him to 8 years imprisonment with confiscation of property. But the sentence has not yet entered into force because the time for appeal.

According to the materials of the case, at the end of August 2018, a man came to visit a classmate in serpents, which pretty drink for the meeting. The next morning, being drunk, he broke into a neighboring home and attacked a 60-year-old mistress with a disability. He demanded the woman give him 10 hryvnia, but she refused, then the attacker began to strangle the old woman first hand, and then with a pillow.

When a man is tired, he grabbed the elderly lady’s hair and began to drag her through the house. While the intruder was saying that if she did not give money, he will kill her.

From abuse and certain death an elderly woman was saved by her husband who just returned home. The perp managed to grab an old mobile phone of his victim and fled.

By the way, on account of 31-year-old Kharkiv it will be the fifth record.

According to the materials: