Granddaughter of Alla Pugacheva took part in the photoshoot in the spirit of “Game of thrones”

Внучка Аллы Пугачевой снялась в фотосессии в духе «Игры престолов»

Daughter Kristina Orbakaite celebrated the seventh birthday.

In a large family of Alla Pugacheva again holiday – her granddaughter Claudia said birthday. She was already seven years old, soon she will go to school (though this will not happen in Russia, and the USA).

March 30, the girl celebrated the seventh anniversary and received for this reason a lot of congratulations, including to Instagram. Claudia congratulated and mom, Christina Aguilera.

Claudia – not the only girl in the clan Pugachev, and almost all attention goes to her young aunt – the six-year plan to become and actress Lisa Galkina. However, Claudia Zemtsova in the family trying to pay tribute.

In addition, the daughter Orbakaite not have to share the attention of mom with other children – the eldest son of Cristina Edmundovna, musician Nikita Presnyakov, himself a married man, and the middle son of Denis Baisarov lives and studies in London.

“Happy Birthday, my beautiful and clever.Live long and happily in peace, healthy and prosperity”, – wrote under the photo of the granddaughter Alla.

Uznayvse,EN notes that the Network discovered the similarities between the holidays “printsessovy” photograph Claudia and the images of the Actresses in the TV series “Game of thrones”. Some even thought that Claudia is a little bit like Sophie Turner in the first seasons of the show (the performer of the role of Sansa stark.

Seven-year Claudia Zemtsova doing ballet and long walks on preparatory courses in high school. To learn it is in the States, as in Florida, her parents have their own homes. In addition, foreign languages are better taught in a full immersion environment.