Grandmother of Elizabeth II to the Duchess of Hollywood Megan: how well do you know the Royal family

От бабушки Елизаветы II до голливудской герцогини Меган: как хорошо вы знаете королевскую семью

The Royal family of great Britain is the most powerful and most famous ruling family in the world. Her equal, adore her, admire her. The output of any member of the Royal family accompanied by hundreds of news about the ideality of style, behaviour and relationships. However, if you are interested in their life, you know what lies behind the gates of the Palace. And if not – pass the test and find out.

One word “monarch” is associated with the procedure, compliance with the rules, a strict dress code and Elizabeth II, who takes the throne longer than any of its predecessors.

From the time of her reign, Queen Elizabeth II was a shining example of strength, power and order. According to the same rules in which she grew up, she tried to raise their children and grandchildren. And now, being nine times great-grandmother, lays the same rod in temperament of their younger offspring.

However, lit has the perfect life, which members of the ruling family share almost daily, in fact far from their “standards”. Each of today’s representatives of the blue blood distinguished, some not a Royal act, behavior, or unintentional fact of the biography.

So, what skeletons are hidden in antique cabinets Royal residence and what secrets they hide behind the high walls of a wealthy Buckingham Palace – learn, passing the test on knowledge of facts about the Royal family of great Britain.