“Grandmother!”. The grandson smashed his head to the stranger finished off sitting on a recumbent, hammered into the ground

«За бабушку!». Внук проломил голову незнакомцу: добивал сидя на лежачем, вколачивал в землю

Henichesk district court sentenced the native of Kharkiv, who was beaten to death by 7 years of imprisonment in a penitentiary institution of a closed type.

It happened in Genichesk.

As reported by the New visitor, his cell phone called my grandmother and said that someone broke into her yard.

Adult grandson came to her house and saw in the yard of a stranger.

Began to beat, hard to beat. And then thrown beaten on the street.

Beaten was taken to hospital where he died from an open craniocerebral injury.

At trial, the defendant admitted his guilt only partially. He said he was protecting the property of the grandmother.

Also said he punched the stranger only 2 times.

But the experts found that the deceased received at least 7 blows to the head and body, and death was caused by multiple fractures of ribs, facial bones of the skull and was accompanied by a severe traumatic shock.

Additionally, the witness indicated that the defendant killed lying on the ground of the person sitting on it.