Grandson of Catherine Deneuve was arrested due to suspicions of links with the mafia

Внука Катрин Денев арестовали из-за подозрений в связях с мафией

In France arrested the grandson of film star Catherine Deneuve, suspecting him of having links with the Italian mafia.

“The grandson of the French movie star Catherine Deneuve and the late Director Roger Vadim was arrested after a police RAID on a group of rapists that produced and distributed counterfeit banknotes (denominations of 50 euros – ed), which controls the Italian mafia”, – stated in the message.

32-year-old Igor Vadim was taken into custody Friday and is in police custody in Paris.

He was arrested Wednesday in Charente-Martim. Igor Vadim facing extradition to Italy and a prison term from-for suspicions in cooperation with the Italian mafia.