Grants money will be given only once, a week before the election, the former Minister of housing

Субсидии деньгами выдадут только раз, за неделю до выборов, - экс-министр ЖКХ

The former Minister for housing and public utilities (2007-2010) Alex Kucherenko convinced that the widely advertised by the Cabinet, the monetization of subsidies is not a panacea of poverty and of devastation. In his opinion, this is just a pre-election move of the current government.

“Don’t you think it strange that within five years everything was done to avoid the monetization of subsidies, and then shortly before the elections the President wants to give away 6 billion hryvnia. The first question is where it will take them? Certainly from the budget. And to pay taxes Ukrainians. Using the fact that in Ukraine there is no law about subsidies, is that the President “manual mode” implements a mechanism of monetization and gives money”, – said Kucherenko, the TV channel NEWSONE.

Kucherenko believes that the Cabinet wants to give the Ukrainians much more money than spent over the years on saving, which is very strange.

“At the same time in four years on energy savings of the budget went to two billion hryvnia. In addition, the President said that the government does not know how to implement the monetization of subsidies, and he knows better. Then the question is, why is it “stupid” the government has not sent down?” – says ex-Minister.

In his opinion, the payment of cash subsidies will be disposable, because to monetize these volumes on an ongoing basis is simply impossible.

“As an economic expert, I can clearly say, such subsidies can be granted only once during the week before the election. Because the government provided the monetization is not for the whole amount of subsidies, and the difference. But Poroshenko did not say that this is a one time “event”. Will happen is that the people who will by hook or by crook to go for grants, will distribute the cash and all. Because monetizing these volumes is simply impossible”, – he concluded.