Grapheme “armor” improves the characteristics of solar panels

Графеновая "броня" улучшила характеристики солнечных панелей

Графеновая "броня" улучшила характеристики солнечных панелей

In early April, it published a large study on the use of perovskite materials as an alternative energy source. The main problem that faced the engineers was the increase in resource is solar panels from advanced mineral. Thanks to new technology, scientists were able to significantly improve the physical properties of perovskite.

Researchers from the University of Oregon was added to the perovskite structure salt of piperidine, which helped to get a solar panel with a much more stable performance, says The Atlas.

Later, scientists of the National Institute of science and technology Ulsan (South Korea) presented an even more advanced solution – they armirovali crystal working surface with a graphene covered by placing a grid between the metal electrode and a layer of perovskite.

How it works

The use of two-dimensional lattice of carbon atoms allows to strengthen the structure of a solar panel without impeding the passage of photons. During the tests, samples of the perovskite has not lost its effectiveness, while maintaining the level of efficiency of 16.4% compared to 17.5% for peers who are deprived of such “reservation”. Another advantage of using graphene framework was the protection from ultraviolet radiation, extending the lifetime of the elements.

The advantages of the material

A key advantage of panels from perovskite – comparative cheapness of manufacture while providing high efficiency of conversion of solar energy into electricity. Reinforcement with graphene is able to deliver the material from its main drawback – the instability with constant exposure to sunlight. In the future, the development of South Korean researchers opens up the possibility of serial production of long-lived panels of the new generation.

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