Great game Leon helped defeat “Atlanta”, “Lakers” Mikhaylyuk was a fiasco: video

Замечательная игра Леня помогла победить "Атланте", "Лейкерс" Михайлюка потерпели фиаско: видео

Ukrainian basketball player Svyatoslav Mikhailyuk Laziness and Alex spent the next matches for their team in the regular championship of NBA. A team of Mikhailuk the Lakers were defeated, but “Atlanta” Leon won.

Golden State – Lakers 115:101 (33:24, 30:34, 25:28, 27:15)

The owners of parquet in the first quarter took the initiative and made a leap of +14. To the middle of the second quarter the Lakers managed to close the gap to +1, however, the “Golden state” again left a small gap of +7. In the third 12-minute guests for the first time in the match went ahead +10. However, the “Golden state” quickly eliminated the backlog. In the final quarter “the Golden state” has not left chances to the property, winning it 27:15, making it possible to celebrate victory.

Ukrainian Sviatoslav mykhailiuk attended the match of the regular championship against “the Golden state”. Sviatoslav spent 2 minutes and 8 seconds. During this time he scored 2 points, having the only shot of the game.

Phoenix – Atlanta 112:118 (30:33, 27:25, 31:28, 24:32)

Real swing staged a “Phoenix” and “Atlanta”. In the first quarter, the teams exchanged a bright attack and did not allow each other to break away. In the second quarter the visitors managed to get ahead by +10, but the suns still eliminated the backlog. In the third quarter Phoenix managed to escape in a breakaway that lasted until the middle of the final quarter. But “Atlanta” has managed to turn this tie around and pull out a heavy victory.

Ukrainian center “Atlanta” Alexei Laziness spent 18 minutes and 20 seconds. During this time, he scored 7 points, had 9 rebounds, made 1 assist and 1 block-shot.

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