Great performance against Svitolina and Tsurenko, who reached the heights in tennis – Martha Kostiuk

Классно выступать со Свитолиной и Цуренко, которые достигли высот в теннисе – Марта Костюк

Классно выступать со Свитолиной и Цуренко, которые достигли высот в теннисе – Марта Костюк

The continuation of a conversation with the talented tennis player Marta Kostyuk. In the second part she spoke about how is chosen from the psychological chasms of a perfect vacation girls about the matches with experienced Ukrainian women and about inconvenient rivals – in an exclusive interview Спорт24.

  • 1Отдых and psychological abyss

  • 2O inconvenient rivals and presentations at senior level

  • 3Матчи against Ukrainians

  • 4Недооценка opponents and life in social networks

The first part of the conversation about your rhythm of life, native people, provocation of opponents and Patriotic position in the heart – the link.

Leisure and the psychological depths

– Perfect holiday?

– Over the years my ideal holiday has changed dramatically. If I zdali this question a few years ago, then I would have answered that I wanted the whole day to lie around the house. Now do not like to completely stop physical activity. Even if I have a day off, then don’t feel too good if I just lie. In any case, we need some activity, go for a walk or to go somewhere.

– How adapted to the quarantine, because You are accustomed to a more active rhythm of life?

– I have not had a single day when there would be something to do. After returning home, not too feel good, but after resting a few days, things got better. I can say that there was a small psychological decline. Then started to train and get into work mode. Also changed the motivation for the postponement of the competition. When preparing for the tournament, to be held in a few days, and it will be transferred to another month, it hits in the psychological sense.

– How out of the psychological abyss?

In this respect I was very lucky, this helps mom. She’s my most important adviser and a psychologist. Always turn to her for advice. Often she cope with such moments. I think that to get out of such situations helps experience. In the last two years of my life there were many sad moments. Of course, there are times when I can not cope with such situations.

– If a psychological moment happens before the match, as distracted?

Just let go of the situation. When you play against strong opponents, don’t feel a strong psychological pressure, than when they meet with weak players. In the face of strong competitor when you do not count the favourite of the match, you can play at your leisure and to surprise others.

– How to cheer up?

– When in a bad mood, then do the housework. Now me helps to focus on the study of the Italian language. Love to sit and read a book on psychology.

About inconvenient rivals and presentations at senior level

– Do you have enough time for other Hobbies besides tennis?

– Frankly speaking, there’s no time for that, even the show can’t normally see. After a workout not exhausted on something else besides tennis. A little time and effort found in the study of the Italian language. Develop in many directions that are interesting to me.

– During the quarantine, do something new that prior to this period did not do?

Opened in quarantine a big secret, really don’t dance very well, or so I thought.

– As a result managed to show a good result at senior level?

– First of all, talent. Will also add here for his unpredictability and strong character.

Is the most uncomfortable opponent and her style of play?

– The most uncomfortable – Buzkova. She is very low plays on the court, and also discourages those balls that seemed impossible to get. Met twice with her and suffered two defeats in meetings. Such competitors need to play as accurately as possible in court and to do less mistakes as possible.

Matches against the Ukrainians

– To physically prepare for the match, what types of training more fulfilling?

– Here all depends on the time left before the tournament. Know about your calendar and prepare in accordance with it. Its various training and fitness work in the gym and on the court running exercises.

The most memorable match in your career?

– I remember a match at Wimbledon two years ago when I won with a non-standard account – 9-7 in the third set. It was a very difficult and long match, I don’t know how, then won.

How difficult would it be to meet at tournaments zemlyakami?

– Do not share the opponents who play against me. Before the match can occur any thoughts, but I don’t care from which country the competitor on the other side of the court.

– How difficult is it to play against the best tennis players?

– These rivals more stable level of play and physical qualities. About two years ago was playing with a top tennis player. I think now my vision for a game with such rivals has changed.

– How to perform alongside such experienced players, as Elina Svitolina and Lesia Tsurenko?

– Actually, this is a very cool experience. That moment when you can be with them on friendly terms, ask for advice, and you can learn from them. Girls achieved a lot in life and sport. I wonder how they managed to do it. Cool to play with such players who have achieved good heights in tennis.

Underestimation of opponents and life in social networks

– It happens that You – the youngest participant in the tournament. Feel the underestimation of the opponent?

Maybe, when they began their performances in Australia opponents might underestimate me. But, this was due to the fact that they didn’t know my play style. Eventually other players became more and more seriously to study and to tune in to a match against me.

– In the quarantine You several times out to live with other Ukrainian players, which covered a large audience. I would not like to start own blog?

Never understood people who maintain their own blogs. As they show their life, which would cause the interest of others. It seems to me that no one interested in my life. Do not put photos or videos that are related to tennis. This is my job and something sacred that I want to keep to yourself. Of course, you can throw the post where it will be seen that I have been playing tennis, but these photos have me very rarely. After unsuccessful talks are under such a video to read a lot of criticism in his side. Can’t say that it really offends me. Read all the comments and messages that I send.

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