Green sign and refunds: Hungary encourages the increase in the share of electric vehicles

Зеленый знак и возврат средств: как Венгрия стимулирует увеличение доли электромобилей

Hungary is trying to increase the penetration of electric vehicles into its territory, using it as one method of diversifying fuel supply and compliance with environmental norms of the European Union to reduce emissions. Like Ukraine, it is – export-dependent country, therefore her lessons are extremely important to us.

This was said at the XI international conference Petroleum Ukraine in 2019, organized by “Consulting group A-95”, the correspondent

“To compensate for the high cost of new electric vehicles, the government gives a number of preferences, – says the head of the Hungarian fuel Association Otto Grad. – There is a green license plate with free Parking. In addition, the government encourages the emergence of new charges, has the obligation to establish at least one electrospray at each public Parking lot”.

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For the purchase of electric cars a resident of the country receives a grant of 5 thousand euros. Special card gives tax benefits. All Parking in mandatory laid a powerful cable. And the city absolutely free of charge.

However, says Otto Castle, there is the flip side: electric cars do not pay the excise tax, this means that the budget receives less taxes. However, this will be dealt with in the future, when the number of electric vehicles will increase seriously. This, according to the head of the Hungarian fuel Association, will help electric transportation.

Ukraine now ranks 6th in Europe in the market growth of electric vehicles. On our roads riding more than 15 thousand such cars. They have fairly cheap – thanks to the abolition of taxes and cost of all cars on the US market, where they also bought with tax preferences. They rarely repair. The new rules GOS reglamentary 5% of Parking lots for electric cars, plus refills. Besides, says Stefan Blahovisnyk, head of the network of electric charging stations DC, in the near future it is expected the adoption of the bill No. 10405, which will give electric vehicles and new color numbers, and certain preferences.