Greetings Terence and wear something purple: what a holiday today, the exchange rate and bitcoin, the weather, the price of gasoline

Поздравь Терентия и надень что-то фиолетовое: какой сегодня праздник, курс валют и биткоина, погода, цены на бензин

Good morning, the people of Kiev! gathered relevant information on weather, currency rates, gasoline prices and holidays.

On the calendar March 25, so:


Today, March 26, in the world is “Purple day” (Purple Day). This is an annual international event which aims to raise awareness about this disease, as epilepsy.

One day a nine year old girl Cassidy Megan (Megan Cassidy), who suffers from epilepsy, decided to show other people that it is no different from them. In nine years the child has already felt some neglect from adults and peers, who perceived her disease is not quite adequate, considering it a sort of mild insanity.


Birthday celebrate Alexander, Christina, Michael, Nicholas, Terence.


In Kiev today is expected to rain. The day temperature up to +9 degrees, and at night – from 0 to +1 degrees.

Gasoline prices

The average price of A-95 gas station on the Kiev – 27,89 UAH, A-92 – of 27.09 UAH. Diesel fuel: the accounting period by 27.74 UAH. Gas: 11,42 UAH.

Currency exchange rate

Dollar exchange rate NBU – UAH 27, and 25, the average commercial Bank rate for the dollar – of 27.02 UAH. sale – 27,33 UAH. The Euro exchange rate of the NBU – UAH 30,85, the average commercial Bank buying rate of Euro 30,61 UAH, sales – 31,20 UAH.

The course bitcoin