Gref announced a sharp strengthening of the ruble

Греф анонсировал резкое укрепление рубля

Until the end of the year, the ruble may rise by about 10% and reach level 60 to 62 rubles per dollar. This forecast was voiced by the head of Sberbank German Gref.

In an interview with TASS, the head of Sberbank pointed out that the Russian ruble is closely linked to the price of oil, of course it is hard to predict.

“I trust one of the oldest and most experienced analysts, Henry Groube. He calls at end of year $60-62 per barrel. It means that the ruble will be within plus or minus 60 to the dollar,” – said Gref stressed that no one can say with certainty how the situation will develop with the coronavirus.

However, in his opinion, in the case of the second wave in the fashion industry, “nobody knows how the situation will develop”.

“Of course, the economy today is much more flexible to such shocks, with whom we met. And she’s going through a coronavirus is much better than I, let’s say, expected,” – said the head of Sberbank.

Earlier experts noticed in Russia, the improvement of business activity of small business in may compared to April.