Grigoriy Surkis ends his career in the UEFA – 24 Channel

Григорій Суркіс завершує кар'єру в УЄФА - 24 Канал

The famous Ukrainian football official Grigory Surkis is currently Vice-President of UEFA and its authority in this organization ends in 2019.

For the first time Hryhoriy Surkis was elected to the UEFA Executive Committee in 2004. But a few years he was in the status of coopevega, non-voting member of the Executive Committee. Vice-President Hryhoriy Surkis was elected only on 24 may 2013, the UEFA Executive Committee in London, and then was re-elected twice more.

The current powers Surkis, as well as seven members of the UEFA Executive Committee are set to expire in 2019.

So, 7 February 2019 will be held in Rome next UEFA Congress. And on the agenda among other issues, there will be elections of the President of the organization and eight members of the UEFA Executive Committee.

According to its statutes, members of the UEFA Executive Committee must be submitted to the UEFA Administration in writing not less than two months before the start date of the planned Congress by not later than Friday 7 December 2018.

Also in the UEFA statutes stipulates that the national associations member of UEFA Executive Committee may nominate only the functionaries occupying active positions in their federations – it is about positions such as President, Vice-President, General Secretary or Executive Director of the national (local) Federation.

Now Grigory Surkis in the Federation of football of Ukraine or one of the above posts. And his appointment to such a post is the sole responsibility of the Congress of the football Federation of Ukraine.

To convene an extraordinary Congress of FFU to resolve this issue in accordance with the Charter of the FFU can be no earlier than 50 days after alert members of the football Federation about the decision. In other words, such a decision had to be made no later than October 17, 2018.

Elections in February 2019 is the last chance for Grigoriy Surkis to stay on positions in the League. Indeed, in September of this year, Gregory M. was 69 years, and according to the UEFA statutes, to the Executive Committee of this organization cannot be elected functionary, who turned 70 years old.

Thus it can be argued that a career functionary in the UEFA Grigory Surkis ends after three and a half months.

Earlier, the football Federation of Ukraine expressed support for incumbent President Ceferina at the election of the UEFA President.

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