Groisman said on a normal working relationship with Zelensky

Гройсман заявляет о нормальных рабочих отношениях с Зеленским

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman noted that a normal working relationship with President Vladimir Zelensky.

“My attitude toward the President remains completely unchanged… These relationships today are completely normal in the line of the President – Prime Minister. And where you need to lean in order to implement the tasks for the state, I’m willing to do it,” – said Groisman on air of TV channel “Ukraine” on Friday evening.

In turn, the Prime Minister said that he hopes for the same attitude from the President and support the government’s decisions.

Groysman stressed that there are no threats to the country due to the relationship between the Cabinet and the President.

As reported, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman at the Congress of the party “Ukrainian strategy” announced the first five participants of the political force which will go navibar to the Verkhovna Rada.

So, the first number in the list was the head of the government. Also in the top ten as follows: Liliya Hrynevych, Emine dzhaparova, Alexander Sayenko, Yevhen Nyshchuk, Pavel Petrenko, Sergei Marchenko, Andriy Teteruk, Paul Jablonski, Viktor yelensky.

“I don’t want and will not be a foreign player of the national team. The team, in which I spent a lot of time to overcome the obstacles that alienate us from the changes that I wanted to feel people. And I decided to form a team of Ukrainian strategy, the priority of which is the reality of the changes that I want to feel the people,” – said Groisman

As the Prime Minister said, in three years the government has assembled a team, side by side which can create a better future for the state.

Eneagramma told what his party. He stressed that he wanted to create a classic party – not from defectors and opportunists, and of those people who intend to change their country.

We will remind, recently the Parliament decided the fate of the Ukrainian government. The vote was passed the question of the resignation of the Prime Minister. However, even prior to consideration of question two factions refused to vote for it. In icoverage refused to dismiss Volodymyr Groisman.

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