Groisman showed his beautiful wife

Гройсман показал свою красавицу-жену

Ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman had been married to the beautiful Elena 23 happy years. About it the politician wrote in his Facebook. Illustrated by former Prime Minister your post beautiful family photos.

July 8, the world celebrated the international family day, in honor of Vladimir Groisman has published in the social network family picture, which he captured with his wife Elena. In the comments to the photo, the politician wrote:

“We started a family with Elena, 23 years ago. Family and our children make us truly happy and responsible. Want the entire Ukraine was a country of strong families and happy children. Take care of each other!”

Admirers of Vladimir Groisman as Prime Minister, politics, and a man, wrote many kind words about his family. Many thanked for work on behalf of the people and the state, and also added that waiting for him in the government.

“A beautiful couple) And the wife is even more beautiful in person than in the photo,” “Mr. Vladimir, I congratulate you on this holiday and wish you all the best and ask you to again become Premier, because it seems from our people’s trust cause only you!!!”, “I wish you happiness and later in life with your charming blue eyes, just remember what you have in front of us debt, thank you so much we were promised, however, and did still a good job to modernize the pension, however did not make everyone happy”

Гройсман показал свою красавицу-жену

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