Ground transportation in Kiev will start a limited number of people – Deputy Klitschko

В наземный транспорт Киева будут пускать ограниченное количество людей - заместитель Кличко

On may 23, the ground public transport of Kiev, including buses, will resume operation in regular mode, but there will be limits on the number of seats.

Source: Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv city state administration Valentin Mondrievsky in the broadcast channel “Ukraine 24”

Direct speech: “As expected, may 25 we will open the subway, the city is ready for this. On may 23, from 12:00 starts to work in normal mode public transport mode without gaps. And bus.

But one thing: tomorrow morning we will hold a meeting of the Commission of TEB and an emergency, to make sure that all the vitals are good and the transport is ready.

And limitations in transport will be: run to the bus and trolley more people than seats”.

Details: According to Andrievskogo, people in all sitting areas in transport – this will be the upper limit of occupancy. But the city authorities try to put a transport with a smaller load.

At the same time, the official added that if there is a threat of growth in the number of patients with coronavirus, the quarantine “definitely will return”.

But while, according to Andrievskogo, Kiev in the conditions of easing of the quarantine gets, and therefore, given the needs of residents and businesses, would “slowly and smoothly” to enter into the next stage of restrictions.

Which came first: on may 22, the mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko called on the Cabinet to allow to enter in the city the weakening of the quarantine, despite the fact that the Ministry of health considers that the capital does not meet the criteria breaks.

The background:

Infrastructure Minister Vladislav Crickley said that in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities can earn from 25 may, the railway passenger transport in urban, regional, long-haul domestic and inter-the message from June 1, and flights from June 15.

On may 22, the health Ministry said that 11 regions of Ukraine and Kyiv is not ready to move to stage 2, the lifting of the quarantine imposed in connection with the coronavirus.

Now in the capital for 2522 confirmed cases COVID-19.

В наземный транспорт Киева будут пускать ограниченное количество людей - заместитель Кличко