“Groysman is a threat to the country”: Zelensky took emergency measures, “stayed put”

"Гройсман - это угроза страны": Зеленский принял экстренные меры, "осталось посадить"

President Vladimir Zelensky won the first victory in the SBU and began to attract all the other law enforcement agencies

Ukrainian journalist Alexander Dubinsky commented on the departure of the head of Department. In his video blog on YouTube he said that the head of state can do more to prevent corruption schemes in Ukraine.

Vasyl Hrytsak has decided to go on vacation. Instead, the SBU began to lead Pavel Bakanov, which Vladimir Zelensky has been appointed first Deputy head of the Department. Alexander Dubinsky said that it’s a great achievement for the new President:

“This is the first victory Zelensky, and the first power structure that it gets under control. SBU to start the processes that allow the President to other authorities, to begin the process associated with getting rid of this p*dorani”.

As noted by Alexander Dubinsky, a completely different situation in the Cabinet. After all, Volodymyr Groysman announced about his resignation, but the chair of Prime Minister has not left. According to Alexander Dubinsky, to remove officials from office can only SBU and Prosecutor General’s office. Meanwhile, Vladimir Groisman continues to Rob the Ukrainians and financed from the budget of their own party.

“Groysman is a threat to national security, in fact. It is the enemy of the people. In the 37th he would have been shot. And here it is just land. For this is the competence of the security Service of Ukraine”.

The journalist suggested that Vasyl Hrytsak samostroya not out of love for Vladimir Zelensky. According to Alexander Dubinsky, the head of the SBU “nothing”. In fact “protected” and collect a tribute to the former first Deputy head Paul Demkina, who also resigned.

“Why sit there? No attendants, the Deputy, which brings you in the beak cabbage, your little share, that you cover him, disappeared. Roundnose to conduct operations to arrest people who didn’t do anything, and the staging of the murders, which were not, it makes no sense and does not work on normal. So Vasily Sergeyevich*the ball is on vacation. Although, like a true officer should be shot” – summed up Alexander Dubinsky.

"Гройсман - это угроза страны": Зеленский принял экстренные меры, "осталось посадить"

"Гройсман - это угроза страны": Зеленский принял экстренные меры, "осталось посадить"