Guardian: Sex and religion dominate the election campaign in Poland

Guardian: Секс и религия доминируют в избирательной кампании в Польше

Campaign before the elections to the European Parliament in Poland has turned into a war of words for religion, sex and morality after the document on sexual abuse by clergy raised questions about the relations of the government with the Catholic Church and the campaign of the ruling party, to present the defenders of the rights of the LGBT community as “threats to children,” writes the correspondent of the British newspaper the Guardian.

Christian Davis says that document brothers Sekelsky published online 20 million times and ignited in Poland a debate about the powerful role of the Church in politics and regular identification of homosexuality with pedophilia.

“In the last campaign, Muslim migrants pose a greater threat. In other cases, the enemy is the Jews. Now it’s our turn,” said Peter Gazes of the Lambda organization that monitors cases of hatred towards the Polish LGBT community.

The Guardian journalist recalls that the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and the threat to traditional values appear in the campaign since the beginning of March, when Mei Warsaw, rafał Trzaskowski presented a number of commitments to minority rights and support for the sexual education of youth.

Davis also mentions a recent speech by Donald Tusk and Leszek Ageskog in Warsaw. Two days later, police searched the house of the activist-feminists in connection with the making of images of the Mother of God with the rainbow halo.

The Guardian also stresses that the close ties between the Pis and the Church can have negative consequences in connection with the published document called “Just don’t tell anyone”. Later, some priests tried to distance themselves from the government. The Primate of Poland Archbishop Wojciech Polak criticized priests who openly supported candidates from the Pis.