Guests of the talk show “the Pulse” to discuss how to make the work of Parliament more efficient and objective

Гости ток-шоу "Пульс" обсудили, как сделать работу Верховной Рады более эффективной и объективной

Guests of the political talk show “Pulse” on the TV channel “112 Ukraine” told how, in their opinion, to do the work of the Verkhovna Rada during the election campaign more efficient and objective.

MP Vasyl Nimchenko: “I this Parliament through the floor to comment? I never liked VR, but it’s fully managed, blackmailing and uninteresting people. They do not generate anything, they’re just girls and boys in my understanding of political call. If you do not have all the endurance and intelligence not to engage in manipulations and to understand that with the loss of the chair does not end life, it’s going to be a huge shock.”

People’s Deputy Natalia Korolevska: “Today, I believe, is important in the Parliament to move from empty populism to the decision of those questions which we can solve. Don’t wait for the next convocation, not to wait, when the parks are smart enough to dismiss Suprun and to implement the decision of the court, and now to make decisions.”

The Minister for veterans ‘ Affairs Irina Friz: “amazing To me that after these were terrible 5 years, as the Revolution of Dignity started with the fact that solely the President of the fugitive Viktor Yanukovych has tried to undermine the European aspiration of our people, again we say, if we should choose a European course and a course on NATO. I am sure that Ukraine will be in EU and NATO. I believe if everyone will work in its place efficiently and at the result, we will get there quickly enough.”

Political commentator Sergey Poyarkov: “This politician is to blame for his stupidity and his inability to keep the same position.”

MP Oksana Yurynets: “What is important for us today? It is to have unity. I will say the words of the Patriarch of Greek Catholic Church Andrey Sheptytsky “In unity is our strength, prosperity and victory. In unity state, Church, nation.”

The Deputy Minister on the issues of the occupied territories Yury Grimchak: “In 2010 the Party of regions made the 36 bills that have raised the standard of living. And the first thing they did when came to power – they are all these laws have canceled their registration. The correct change in the Constitution called “the North Atlantic Treaty organization”. When in Sevastopol conducted the poll for him against joining NATO made 72% of the population, and for joining the Alliance 82% said definitely the way to go. Do not believe these people.”

People’s Deputy Alexey Goncharenko: “I would that we ourselves have not driven into an inferiority complex. In our country there is democracy, we will have a democratic election, who will choose – and will. The only thing I want you to remember that those who tells you that is supposedly worse can not be – it’s all true. We’ve had much worse more recently. 4 years ago we had much worse and our government stood on the brink of its existence, and this was done by those who are now striving for power under these slogans. Please remember it and think when you make your choice.”

MP Yuri Miroshnychenko: “the Scripture says “By their fruits you shall know them”. The fruits of the work of our Parliament, there are laws and regulations. Unfortunately, the fruits still probably would not allow people to support us, so there is work to do and each individual MP, and our Parliament. As for our goals, we really are discussing, we have different views, different recipes, how to present our country. We do not always demonstrate a high level of culture of debate, but I am convinced that each of us must remember the rule of the Constitution “the man, his life and health, honour and dignity, inviolability and security are the highest social value”. I think both supporters and opponents agree our elections, and around this we have to work. Europe ought to build in Ukraine”.

Гости ток-шоу "Пульс" обсудили, как сделать работу Верховной Рады более эффективной и объективной