Gufa want to be held accountable for poisoning dogs

Гуфа хотят призвать к ответственности из-за травли собак

Rapper Guf appeared in the centre of a serious scandal because of the incident with the dog.

The fact that the other day, walking with my shepherd, the by unleashed it on the neighborhood dogs met on the territory of the holiday village. The rapper aired what is happening in instagram. Dog by literally dug into his throat, a Golden Retriever. Soon the noise and ran out to pet owners, but Guf did not panic and showed them such a claim – why your pet walking without a leash.

Sister Gufa had to apologize for him what happened Soon noticed activists from the organization “Zoopreme”. They encouraged to submit artist statements to the police to get him to the penalties for cruelty to animals. Not passed by and fellow artists. So, the leading “House-2” Olga Orlova in his microblog burst into an angry tirade addressed to Gufw, and promised to give the owners of the affected dogs all possible assistance.

Soon the sister of the rapper has decided to publicly apologize for his behavior. She stressed that the neighbor’s dog was not injured, but their owners managed to solve the issue peacefully. The situation was commented by the Director of the artist. He said that the Guf at the time of the incident was drunk. The contractor was sorry and asked what happened affected people, sorry.

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