Guido, established contacts with the Pentagon

Гуайдо наладил контакты с Пентагоном

The leader of the Venezuelan opposition and the head of the Parliament of Venezuela Juan Guido sent his envoy to establish direct contacts with the Southern command of the Armed forces of the United States.

According to “Voice of America”, Guido reported at the next meeting in Caracas. The Pentagon needs to help the Venezuelan opposition to take joint U.S. actions needed to “exit the crisis”.

Opposition also grew in front of their supporters to establish contacts with China – Beijing, met with him and promised that China will join the International contact group on Venezuela, joining the EU and South America.

Ruposters wrote that Guido acknowledged the failure of another attempt to unseat current President Nicolas Maduro.

Earlier it became known that the assistant to the President for national security John Bolton ottalkivayusche leader to start a military intervention in Venezuela. At the same time the Donald trump “is very determined” about it.