Gunners Navy APU training antilanding defense

Артиллеристы ВМС ВСУ провели учения по противодесантной обороне

The military practiced the protection of the marine coast.

The gunners of the naval forces of Ukraine conducted exercises in the antilanding defense.

It is reported by the General staff of the armed forces.

“On one of the polygons of the South of Ukraine soldiers of the artillery brigade name General-cornet Alexey Almazov Navy APU held a training session for the defense of the coast. The aim of the exercise was to maintain a high level of skills of the personnel of the brigade”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that the military has in practice fulfilled actions in the defense of the sea coast. The soldiers were trained to operate in different environments, including in terms of enemy precision weapons, work diversionno-prospecting groups of the opponent.

“During the exercise, soldiers honed the skill of masking techniques and weapons, orienteering, timely promotion to the firing position. Special attention was paid to the changes of firing positions with the willingness to engage in further hostilities and the implementation of the firings of specific purposes. It should be noted that artillery crews have successfully coped with all assigned tasks,” – said in the headquarters.