Guzeeva refused to make friends with the leading “let’s get married!”

Гузеева отказалась дружить с ведущими "Давай поженимся!"

Artist suggested the colleagues not to communicate outside of filming.

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Despite the fact that in the frame of the rose Sabitova, Larisa Guzeeva and Vasilisa Volodina acting like friends, in real life they do not communicate. Admitted the main teleshko of the country.

According to Sabitova, Guzeeva at once offered to make contacts in life to a minimum, and that the idea was supported, because the latter is a well-known kitchen of show business.

“We do not need it”,

said Sabitova edition of “the Source”, adding that that is why they are so long lead. During filming, leading in time to throw out all emotions and quarrel, and make up.

Now the hosts of the show “let’s get married” are well-earned vacation. At the end of August to begin shooting the new series, which will be present and Volodin, who refused to appear because of the epidemic of the coronavirus. By the way, to the solution of Vasilisa rose approached respectfully.

Previously, “Morning. ru” wrote that one of the participants of the show have accused of leading the fraud.