Gyrometer want to limit the traffic Rules

Гироскутеры хотят ограничить Правилами дорожного движения

In the state Duma held a round table dedicated to the small electric. All scooters, gyrometer, Segways, blisks offer equated to mopeds with subsequent changes to traffic rules

According to the initiators, the regulation of this segment and bringing it to a single standard is necessary because of pedestrians. During the round table participants recalled several instances of collisions of ordinary pedestrians with the owners of such vehicles. And road accidents, these incidents can not be called, since from the point of view of the law in the pedestrian zone and collided with two pedestrians.

The main idea of the round table was an initiative by equating such transport to mopeds. In case this initiative will be accepted and will go through all the proper channels, owners of such vehicles will need to obtain rights to their “wheels”. However, it is not clear how this point is resolved in terms of educational programs for future drivers of gyrometers.