Hackers attacked European defence companies through LinkedIn

Хакеры атаковали европейские оборонные компании через LinkedIn

Hackers registrations in LinkedIn under the guise of recruiters of the American defense giants Collins Aerospace and General Dynamics, network attacked a military contractor in Europe, said experts in the field of cybersecurity.

Last year hackers managed to compromise the systems of at least two defense and aerospace companies in Central Europe offering employees the fake contracts with American firms, said the Slovak company ESET.

Hackers use messenger LinkedIn to send employees links to malicious code, said the head of threat research ESET’s Jean-Ian Butene.

The victims ‘ names are not disclosed for reasons of confidentiality. According to ESET, it is unclear what information was stolen.

General Dynamics and Collins Aerospace, owned by the Raytheon group, declined to comment.

The identity of the hackers cannot be established, but ESET says that they are associated with a North Korean group Lazarus, whom U.S. authorities accused of organizing a number of major cyber attacks, including on the film company Sony Pictures and the Central Bank of Bangladesh.

The North Korean mission to the UN in new York while responding to queries about the review.

Previously, Western countries have repeatedly accused China of using fake accounts to LinkedIn to recruit spies in other countries. It is also known that many of the hacker groups use the platform to gather information about their victims.

According to Butene, typically, hackers use e-mail. “This is the first instance I know of when LinkedIn was directly used for the shipment of malicious code,” he notes.

Administration LinkedIn claims to have identified and removed the accounts used to perpetrate attacks.