Hackers break into the network operators and steal data on thousands of hours of telephone conversations

Хакеры взламывают сети операторов связи и крадут данные о тысячах часов телефонных разговоров

Researchers in the field of information security say that they were able to identify the signs of a massive espionage campaign, which includes theft of call records received as a result of hacking the networks of mobile operators.

The report said that over the past seven years, hackers have carried out a systematic hacking of more than 10 operators worldwide. This allowed the attackers to take over a huge number of call records, including time of calls, and caller location.

A massive espionage campaign was discovered by researchers from the company Cybereason, based in Boston. Experts say that the hackers can track physical location of any client using services of one of the hacked operators.

According to experts, the hackers stole the call records that represent detailed logs metadata generated by operators in the service process for customers making calls. Despite the fact that these data do not include recordings of conversations or transmitted SMS messages, their analysis can give detailed insight about the daily life of a person.

Representatives of Cybereason say that the first attack of the hackers was recorded about a year ago. Hackers break in different operators, by setting a constant access to networks. Experts believe that such actions of the attackers aimed at generating and sending variable data from a database of Telecom operators without having to install additional malicious software.

The researchers said that hackers were able to infiltrate the network of one of the operators using the vulnerability on the web server to access managed from the Internet. Due to this, the intruders managed to gain a foothold in the internal network of the operator, and then began kidnapping the call data users. In addition, hackers have filtered and compressed the size of the downloaded data, gathering information on specific targets.

Because attacks on mobile operators are continuing, the representatives of the Cybereason did not say what companies have been under attack. The message said only that some of the companies are major operators. It was also noted that the interest of hackers to operator from North America were found.