Hackers broke into the sex toys for the cause

Хакеры взломали секс-игрушки ради благородной цели

British hackers from the company Pen Test Partners hacked to the lineup vibrator Svakom Siime Eye. They have a video camera that can connect to wifi and stream video. But as it turned out, they are quite unreliable.

As Motherboard writes, hackers have figured out that videocrime was very weak password “88888888”, and the server was username “admin”.

According to experts, any user who owns the minimum skills connection view, could not only connect to the broadcast, but also to control the sex toys from the outside.

“When someone uses your connection, someone else can see the video footage,” – said the founder of Pen Test Partners Ken Munro.

The reaction of the manufacturer. According to the hackers, the study they use is not the first time. They repeatedly warned the manufacturer, sending e-mails. But feedback was never received. However, now they again saw that the vulnerability is not fixed.

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