Hackers broke into the smart phones of officials because of the vulnerability of popular applications

Хакеры взломали смартфоны чиновников из-за уязвимости популярного приложения

The hackers gained access to smartphones high-ranking officials and military personnel from the United States 20 allied countries. This is made possible vulnerability in the popular WhatsApp messenger

Reports unian.ua access to phones, they managed to get because of a vulnerability in WhatsApp messenger owned by Facebook.

Details. Victims of a hacker attack were users from 20 countries, including USA, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, India and Mexico.

By the way, WhatsApp previously filed a lawsuit against an Israeli developer NSO Group, accusing it of spying on users.

As explained in the company of the messenger, the NSO Group has created a program through which hackers discovered vulnerability in WhatsApp and then got access to the correspondence users (affected at least 1,400 people).

Victims of the attack were political figures, human rights defenders, journalists, lawyers and opposition politicians, diplomats and high-ranking representatives of foreign governments.


While the NSO Group has denied these allegations. They explained that this program has helped law enforcement in catching criminals.

In General, WhatsApp has repeatedly accused the leakage of user data. Because of the conflict for the protection of data of their users left the company, its founder, developed by Ukrainian-born Jan koum.

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