Hackers can determine the user password via the keyboard sound

Хакеры могут определять пароли пользователей через звук клавиатуры

Hackers can determine the user passwords with sounds that are heard when typing on the keyboard.

To such conclusion experts from southern Methodist University in Texas, reports the Indepedent.

“Hackers can set the user password with a simple listening to the sound of typing on the keyboard”, – stated in the message.

According to the researchers, the new method is so effective that it can be applied even in a public noisy place when several people simultaneously typing.

The most important Telegram

It is known that experts have invented technology which analyzes the different sound frequencies when the text at the same time gaining some people. After receiving sound signals, the researchers were able to decipher which keys were pressed men, and in what order they did it.

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Thus, it is possible not only to learn the passwords of users, but the content of private e-mails or phone messages.

However, as the researchers note, probable criminals still need to know what type of table is a keyboard, because on metal and wood surfaces will have different sounds.