Hackers can extract data about the iPhone through the Bluetooth enabled

Хакеры могут извлечь данные об iPhone через включенный Bluetooth

Apple often focuses on the security of their smartphones. In particular, the Corporation has the slogan: “what happens on your iPhone stays on the iPhone.” Therefore, the experts decided to test this claim.

Hackers from the team hexway was able to intercept the data packets that are transmitted to the iPhone with Bluetooth turned on.

In particular, AirDrop sends the encrypted packet with the phone number to the receiving device found it in the contacts list. That is, any attacker that has this special crypt collection in public places could exploit the vulnerability.

In addition, you can receive encrypted Apple ID, email and phone number. To do this, the hacker enough to intercept the package when the user starts the function of “Share Wi-Fi password”.

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