Hackers from the DPRK for two years, stole about $570 million

Хакеры из КНДР за два года похитили около $570 млн

Hackers from North Korea due to cyber attacks was kidnapped for the period from January 2017 to September 2018 to about $570 million, including bitcoin. As reported in Saturday’s Nikkei newspaper, the relevant data are presented in the report of the Committee of the UN Security Council on sanctions against the DPRK, which may be published during March.

According to experts of Committee in the last two years, Pyongyang has made at least five successful hacks cryptocurrency exchanges in various Asian countries. In addition, North Korea could use the technology of the blockchain to bypass applicable sanctions regime.

At the same time, North Korean companies began to actively use the accounts on YouTube and Instagram for the sale of military equipment, which is also prohibited by sanctions, the document says. Messenger WeChat, according to the Committee, was another means of enabling the DPRK to carry out illegal trade on the high seas. In particular, through correspondence it was given the information about coordinates of ships, with which North Korean boats then pumped the oil or overloaded products.

Against the DPRK operates the most severe to date, the sanctions regime, providing including financial sanctions, arms embargoes, a ban on the supply of rocket fuel, equipment and dual-use materials, as well as the export of the country’s coal, iron, lead, seafood and other products. The last time the sanctions were tightened on 22 December 2017.