Hackers put up for sale hundreds of hijacked YouTube channels

Хакеры выставили на продажу сотни взломанных YouTube-каналов

Victims of hackers have become not only ordinary users, but the owners of “promoted” accounts, earning an income. Cyber security specialists have recorded growth in the number of hacking accounts YouTube channels with tens and even hundreds of thousands of subscribers. After “stealing” the attackers expose registration data on sale and number of offers grows constantly.

Experts of the research company IntSights reported that the cost of the YouTube accounts on the darknet directly proportional to the number of subscribers. For example, the initial price channel with an audience of 200 000 people is approximately $1000. According to experts, the proposal of demand: first and foremost, on the audience of the “run-in” fraudulent schemes or questionable advertising campaign. Even if the owner will return control over the account, the attacker will have time to spread favorable information.

In some cases banal extortion – sometimes it works because blogger is more profitable to quickly regain control over the channel, generating advertising revenue. As for the methods of hacking, most hackers resort to the classic social engineering – they trick the owners of channels to download and install malware program, through which “steal” the registration data.

Хакеры выставили на продажу сотни взломанных YouTube-каналов