“Had a seizure”: the violent had surgery

"Был приступ": Буйнов перенес операцию

Thinner the singer showed a photo from the hospital.

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Alexander Bujnov was operated on after the artist began to suffer from severe pain. About his condition he told me to “Instagram” by posting a photo from the hospital.

Violent was to take part in the festival “Slavic Bazaar”, but the musician plans have changed due to health problems.

“Was the attack really was bubo!”

– wrote the singer in social networks (spelling and punctuation preserved). According to him, he lost weight and became kinder after surgery. Your diagnosis the actor has not disclosed, but gave the subscribers a hint: without that he removed, lives half the country. “No, not pugai? TES, on the spot,” joked the violent.

Followers of the singer began to wonder what actually happened to him. The review has put forward three versions: “Gallbladder removed for sure”, “Appendicitis?”, “Removed the stones!” Buynovo also wished a speedy recovery to friends and colleagues.

Previously fans of Alexander Buynova were shocked by the news about his funeral.