Half-Life: Alyx established an incredible record of games of the entire series

Despite the fact that the game is Half-Life: Alyx focused on a narrow audience of owners of virtual reality devices, the action managed to collect a record number of simultaneously playing users Steam among all games in the series. Moreover, the rate of peak online new VR-Thriller than the previous parts of Half-Life combined.

Stocks that preceded the release of the game

Before the release of Half-Life: Alyx, Valve has decided to remind gamers of previous installments of the series. They were free in the store for two months, but a strong performance in online games is still not demonstrated.


However, they showed Half-Life: Alyx – at the start of the VR-Thriller simultaneously played 42 858 users, the official statement of the Steam.

For comparison, the legendary second part of the series at its peak gathered at the monitors just 12 953 people and the first – only 6 022. The lowest figures showed scenes to the sequel: 1 308 people gathered and only the second 998 the first place.

The trailer for the game Half-Life: Alyx – watch videos

What caused these numbers

Of course, these data primarily indicate the popularization of video games and industry developments since the release of the latest episode of Half-Life year. In 2007, Steam consisted of “only” three million registered accounts, and people bought the game on disk, and not a number. Now on Steam more than a billion registered accounts.

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