Half-Life: Alyx got the exact date of release

The announcement Half-Life: Alyx made a lot of noise. It is not surprising: gamers incredibly long awaited new Chapter in the history of the legendary shooter and was happy to even the action in virtual reality. The developers said that the game will be available in March. However, the exact date of the premiere shooter received just now.

Release date Half-Life: Alyx

Release Half-Life: Alyx will be held March 23. About that Valve announced on their Twitter page. Gamers, of course, it was difficult to refrain from joking about the fact that the company still knows the number 3. Users who pre-order during the period 2 to 8 March will receive bonuses, including special topic and three-dimensional VR interface for Steam Home.

The announcement trailer for HalfLife: Alyx:

By the way, the gamers who for some reason still haven’t got acquainted with one of the most important game series in history, can experience all the previous games Half-Life series absolutely for free to release Alyx. Those who have already passed the original length and breadth, but wants to talk, you can suggest the recently completed fan-made remake Black Mesa.

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