Hamilton stripped of podium due to a collision with Mirel Albon

Хэмилтона лишили подиума за столкновение с Албоном

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton, who took 3rd place at the Grand Prix of Brazil was stripped of pole position for the clash with Alex a charming little town situated at the end of the stage.

The stewards found Hamilton guilty and was fined 5 seconds. Also Hamilton for the maneuver received two penalty points.

Thus the British 3rd place down to 7th position.

A first podium was in sight for Alex Albon, until this

Lewis Hamilton received a post-race penalty, dropping him from third to seventhBrazilGP F1 pic.twitter.com/s3tkcHVL7C – Formula 1 (@F1) October 17, 2019

Published Michael Rybak