Hand of blood: Presnyakov was injured on the set

Рука в крови: Пресняков получил травму на съемках

The actor accidentally cut his hand in his new clip.

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Recently, the singer Vladimir Presnyakov has shown fans his new video. A spectacular video was filmed for the song “knocking on heaven’s door”. The idea of the team was shooting in the mirrored scenery. At some point shooting all went according to script. The singer broke his arm on the glass, causing the entire arm was covered in blood. The injury was not dangerous.

As planned by Director Sergey gray at the site of the connected multiple displays, lighting, and of course, established mirrors. With all that in the video appeared a fiery flame and a dancing ballerina Alexandra Kirshin, who also took part in the filming. The climactic scene was shot Presnyakov in the giant glass. The scenery was very rugged, the assurance of technicians, and the hand of the artist should not have to suffer. Supposedly to break that glass was only possible with a sledgehammer.

Surprisingly the whole crew glass still broke when it hit the singer. Presnyakov at that moment in perplexity looked at his fist, nourished by the blood, writes the edition “7Дней.ги”. Frightened colleagues rushed to the aid of Vladimir, but the wounds were shallow.

In the end, the shooting continued, and the installation even put in the double clip. This moment was very emotional. As said himself Presnyakov, the shooting took place during the quarantine. The original idea was different, but even after the upgrade, the singer was very pleased with the final result.

By the way, not so long ago the actor and his wife Natalia Podolskaya has shared with fans the news about the new addition to their family. They gave my 5-year-old son Artemy puppy. A dog called Basia.