Handelsblatt: the Terrible return of Ivan the terrible

Handelsblatt: Жуткое возвращение Ивана Грозного

“Russia re-opens their tyrants: after the rehabilitation of Stalin, the Soviet dictator now raise Ivan the terrible”, – writes the German newspaper Handelsblatt.

“On the embankment of a small river of Grey is he in height more than two meters, cast in bronze, with the symbols of power (scepter and crown) and faith (cross) and stern look: Ivan the terrible. On the other side of the river are the white walls of the Kremlin, where 450 years ago, the king created their state of terror, the oprichnina,” says journalist Andre Point.

The guardsmen, “dressed in monastic robes, with brooms and canine heads as the insignia, traveling the country, robbed, killed, and engaged in robbery”.

“All this happened under the pretext of strengthening the omnipotence of the king. By the time Ivan, in the beginning of his reign sought to reform, has long turned into an absolute autocrat who didn’t tolerate any objection.”

“Obsessed with a pathological distrust, he killed loyal subjects as perceived traitors and enemies. With sadistic pleasure he invented the brutal torture and murder, readily ordering him to put the convicts on a stake, quartered them, boiled in boiling water or burn it”, – writes the edition.

“Although during his reign he through war increased the territory of Russia more than two times (primarily due to the conquest of Siberia), after his death, he left a fragmented country without a successor,” – said in the article.

“These “nuances” today (almost) been forgotten: when in 2016 in the city of Orel in West Russia established the first monument to Ivan the terrible, Vladimir Medinsky, who was then the Minister of culture, justified the creation of a monument to the fact that by order of the king was executed “only 3 to 7 thousand people.” According to him, at the hands of other rulers of that time, for example, Charles IX, was much more blood, because only in St. Bartholomew was killed about 30 thousand of the Huguenots”.

“Medina is known for its wayward handling with figures and sources that do not fit into the Patriotic concept, – the newspaper notes. – So, according to other historians, after the taking of the shrew Novgorod Ivan the terrible executed from 10 to 15 thousand residents.”

“And there’s another difference: in France today, no one would put a monument to Charles IX. The monument to the last ruler of the Rurik dynasty in Aleksandrov had inaugurated this winter with all the pomp and patriotism,” says the author. At the opening of the monument “Tsar” was attended by the leader of the biker club “Night wolves” Alexander Zaldostanov, “a friend of Putin and a supporter of Imperial expansion of Russia in the Crimea and in the Donbas,” the state television.

“The emphasis thus put on a strong ruler who expanded his country. It is quite in the spirit of the new worship of Stalin. In recent years, the Soviet dictator also has acquired more and more significance.”

Under Stalin cult Soviet film Director Sergei Eisenstein for the film “Ivan the terrible”, but showed only the first part of the film about becoming king and then Russia. “The second part of the terrible sides of Tsar Stalin banned. By canonizing the martyrs of the king today, the Kremlin in its relation to history stands on the side of Stalin,” concludes Handelsblatt.