Handling gelrode on China to Port Hedland in March increased by 22%

Перевалка желруды на Китай в Port Hedland в марте увеличилась на 22%

In March 2020 the export of iron ore to China from Australia’s sea port of Port Hedland, a strong indicator of activity in China, increased compared to February 2020 21.6%, to 40,434 million tonnes.

Thus, according to the seaport, in annual terms, growth in shipments was 31.8%.

Delivery to Japan in March increased by 43.3% yoy and 77,4% m/m, to 2,515 million tonnes.

At the same time, exports to South Korea declined by 11.7% yoy and 37.1% m/m, to 2,298 million tons

Overall, Port Hedland, which accounts for a fifth of the global seaborne trade in iron ore increased processing of iron ore in March in comparison with February by 20.5% to 46,730 million tons In annual terms, the growth was 28.4%.

Port Hedland is the main transshipment port for iron ore exports for mining companies such as BHP Billiton, Atlas Iron and Fortescue Metals Group, lead mining in the Western Australian region of Pilbara.