Hangover: effective means to improve their condition

Похмелье: действенные средства, чтобы улучшить свое состояние

What happens to us in the time of exit from the state of intoxication? In fact, it’s very simple. Because the body responds to the action of toxic substances, products of disintegration of the main component of all alcoholic drinks is ethanol.

Brandy, whiskey or even a simple beer is not a drink, contributing to the fun. This is the real poison, which in extreme doses can lead to serious poisoning with life-threatening.

But all this, of course, the lyrics. We need effective means to improve their condition and help the body to get rid of the effects of toxic substances in the here and now. Here are some of them based on the specifics of our physiology.

1. Drink plenty of liquids

Alcohol has, among other nasty and harmful properties, as the active excretion of water from the body, which can lead it to a state of near dehydration. The less water, the longer the hangover. This rule, which you should learn once and for all. So the first thing to do in the morning after the party, to secure access to clean drinking water. If desired, you can drink herbal teas and broths, mineral water, juices. Is to drink slowly, small SIPS, to the saturation of the body water occurred gradually, without any additional stress. Water is the most important thing that can help to get rid of a hangover.

2. Shower the change temperature

To accelerate the normalization of the state after the hangover can help a contrast shower. The fact that alternating high and low temperatures triggers respectively the dilation and constriction of blood vessels. And this is a sure way to get rid of toxins. However, this should be done with caution. And you should start with warm water so as not to expose the body to shock impact. It is gradually lowering the water temperature in the shower to the lowest and then gradually increase it. If you make a few of these shifts, you will definitely feel fresher and better.

3. Walk in the fresh air

If you feel fatigued and are not at risk to leave the premises, try to open Windows (in warm season), ventilate the house or apartment and just walk. In the same case, when the condition allows, it is better to go outside and take a walk in the Park or square where there are many green spaces that produce volatile, and the concentration of pure oxygen above. Active breathing clean air promotes the excretion of breakdown products of alcohol.

4. Sleep

Hangover symptoms are very unpleasant. The body needs time to cope with the poisoning and come back to normal. Sleep well contributes to this, because in the dream run the basic recovery processes. So don’t be a hero, take the day off and if I want to sleep, sleep as much as needed. In addition, as signs of a hangover to worry will be easier.

5. Medication assistance

To get involved in taking drugs to get rid of a hangover, not worth it. You need to recognize your status and just go through it. After all, most of postalcohol syndrome takes place during the day. If you are seriously exasperated nausea, headache and other symptoms, you can take an analgesic tablet or a special comprehensive drug hangover like Alka-Seltzer. Swelling helps Verospiron. However, be careful and be sure to consult with your doctor, especially if you also take other medicines.