Happy angel Catherine congratulations to Catherine in prose and verse

З Днем ангела Катерини - привітання Катерині у прозі та віршах

On this day, December 7 in all of Katherine angel’s day. Don’t forget to congratulate dear to the hearts of people. In this article we have gathered the best options congratulations in verses and prose.

Holy Catherine the people considered the patroness of young girls and brides. That is why on this day people pray for their good fortune. To congratulate the birthday girl on the Day Angela Catherine 7 Dec with beautiful poetry and prose, as the guest of honor will be pleased to see the beautiful words of wishes.

Congratulations to the day of Catherine in prose

З Днем ангела Катерини - привітання Катерині у прозі та віршах
Day Catherine – congratulations in prose and verse

Day angel I want to wish you, Katyusha, to your angel always was protecting you and helped you in all your Affairs – home and work that all your initiatives have been implemented, so you always have luck, prosperity and success.


A birthday is a celebration of the soul and warmth, which persist in a man’s heart all his life. It is a celebration of the angel, which protects you from birth to death. I wish your angel him to have as little work as possible, and you have less troubles and woes. If you don’t feel sorry for yourself, give him a break! Today is the day your Guardian angel. I congratulate you and wish to your invisible protector protect you from different troubles and misfortunes to put you on the right path, not let you feel sad and depressed, that drove you stupid and useless thoughts that really spoil your mood.


I want you to wish you smiled more often, because when you smile, your angel glows with happiness and this light reflected in your eyes. Let your angel protect you! Be happy Congratulations on your angel Day. Let your heavenly guardian will always be with you and in moments of joy and sorrow, love and divorce, every minute, every second. When you fall, he will raise when you zaplachesh – rejoice when you rejoice, he is also, together with you will rejoice.

Congratulations to the day of Catherine in the verses

З Днем ангела Катерини - привітання Катерині у прозі та віршах
Best greetings for the day Catherine in Ukraine

To Your health, as flint was,
To happiness was stored
That joy was always on the threshold,
But the trouble is far and the eternal road.
Let near You angel Your flies
Will keep You safe everywhere
May brings You joy every moment
And the grace of the Lord be with You.


Congratulating You today,
I want to say again and again,
Let always live with You
Hope, Faith and Love.
Let the good angel from heaven
Protects and will not disappoint,
And thousands of strange wonders
In the life of your gives You.


Angel you have been
Therefore, thy prayer heard,
And on your birthday,
Already gives minute-by-minute:
PUD health and pood faith
One hundred pounds of hope
Pounds thousands of love,
And love is not the word,
And carat so the bucket,
Joy in Your heart
Well, another bouquet of good luck,
And goodness in Your luck!


Let the angel to a birthday party
Will carry out all desires,
Brings happiness every minute,
The success and prosperity.
Joy of life VCCA
And add health
Wisdom blesses,
Kindness and love!

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