Harley-Davidson celebrated the anniversary of 5 million motorcycles

Harley-Davidson отметил юбилей в 5 млн мотоциклов

American manufacturer Harley-Davidson is experiencing not the best period of time in the face of serious problems and challenges. From the cult of old target audience, so H-D has quickly started to develop new markets and segments. On the background of many of the problems there is also good news.

The 5 millionth motorcycle Heritage Classic sold to Walter Bartlett in Wausau, Wisconsin. Historical moment allows you to think a little bit over the past manufacturer, who remains a powerful player on the world motorine.

Motorcycle let the plant in York, Pennsylvania. At the facility produced military equipment during World War II. In 1973 H-D moved the production of motorcycles from Milwaukee to York. The company has rapidly grown and evolved. At this facility today produces fenders, tanks, frames and other details, as well as collect motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson has prepared a video to celebrate production of 5-millionth motorcycle.