Harley-Davidson released a motorcycle “for everybody”

Harley-Davidson выпустит мотоциклы «для всех»

American company Harley-Davidson spoke about the release of a special elektronikov IRONe for children.

Running bikes with index 12 and 16 will be produced in a limited edition of 550 copies.

The bike is designed for children aged 3-7 years and weighing up to 75 kg.

According to the company, it will help future motorcyclists to learn to coordinate the movement of hands and push to balance, accelerate and stop.

In addition, Americans are convinced that the possession of two-wheeled machinery will give an opportunity to instill a love of motorcycles since childhood.

Both bike come with electric motors that allow, depending on variations, to accelerate to 8-17 km/h. the Initial option, weighs 7.7 kg and its seat height is 330 mm. More “charged” the motorcycle weighs 8.6 kg, and the height of the saddle is equal to 431 mm.

Implementation of Harley-Davidson IRONe on the home market has already begun. The price tag of the device with index 12 starts at $699, for 16 dealers will ask $749.