Harley-Davidson revealed the new concepts of electrocyclic

Harley-Davidson показал новые концепты электроциклов

Harley-Davidson pays more attention to electric technology and vehicles of the future. Harley-Davidson Livewire – real electrocycle who almost went on sale, while the manufacturer has big plans regarding the development of the electric range.

American motorostoitel announced a few concepts: electric scooter and electric scooters. The new development is very similar to the sketches, which was considered last year.

Electric scooter is a bit like the Honda Ruckus and looks very utilitarian. In the construction of many interesting details: long saddle and appropriate platform for the feet, the empty space between the saddle and the battery pack. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not announced any technical information, but it really is considering the production of elektroskutery.

Electric moped Harley-Davidson has a more aggressive design, something between a mountain bike and a motorcycle. In General, the popular form factor.