Harmful exhaust gases: the threat and toasted bread

Вреднее выхлопных газов: чем опасны хлебные тосты

To cook toast – unhealthy. About it suddenly said the American scientists.

They found that the hostess, who cooks homemade croutons in the toaster, inhale even more toxic substances, than a polluted intersection. The main danger is the dust that gets on the hot heating elements of the device. But it really tastes so harmful as they say?

Nutritionist warns Alexander Kusch – get involved fried bread should not be.

“In the process of making bread involves many ingredients. And those same fat, and same, in General, baking powder. These products should not be subjected to heat treatment. That is, if you use vegetable fats, of course when they transformirovalsya frying in TRANS fats,” said nutrition specialist.

To reduce the harmful effects of toast, nutritionists suggest not much fry bread, but only a little dry.