Harmful products that we give to the children eliminate them from the diet

Вредные продукты, которые мы даем детям: исключите их из рациона

Children almost from birth use products containing lots of sugar. And often parents are not even aware that this food is absolutely not suitable for children’s diet.

The children of such products decreases the sensitivity of taste buds and normal food for them is tasteless. Also some products can be dangerous for kids due to the physiological features. The list of such products has provided the portal Adme.

Juices in packages. They have a convenient and colorful package that kids love, but one glass of this juice contains about 5-6 tsp of sugar. Regular consumption of these juices disrupts carbohydrate metabolism in babies. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children to give pieces of fruit, not juices. In an extreme case – a fresh juice or smoothie.

Semolina. In a cereal is nothing but carbs. During processing to semolina kills all the vitamins and minerals and is high in calories and empty of food that the child shouldn’t. Useful are: buckwheat, oats, barley and millet.

Yogurt. In order to choose a yogurt for your child, you need to carefully read labels and understand the composition. Natural yoghurts have a small validity and are in the refrigerator, not on the usual shelves. In addition, they contain almost no fat, sugar and calories. Yogurts with additives make children the risk of developing diabetes and overweight.

Cereal. All the advertised Breakfast not really contain any nutrients and vitamin, but there is sugar in large quantity. In the manufacture of grains of corn, wheat, oats removes all shell and only carbohydrates. In addition, be satisfied that Breakfast would be difficult, it is better to replace the usual porridge with fruit and nuts.

Glazed cheese. In its composition a lot of sugar, and also flavorings and flavor enhancers. They much kill the taste and appreciate the quality of the cheese is simply impossible. The composition may also preservatives, which are harmful not only for children but also for adults. Replace this cheese regular cottage cheese with berries and fruit.

Med. This product itself is very useful, but young children, especially up to two years to give it is not recommended. Honey can be bacteria, which, because of the age characteristics of a little child may lead to acute infectious disease or cause an allergic reaction.

Grapes. In grapes contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals, but for little kids it is dangerous. These berries are difficult for the digestive system and the children it is harder to digest and can even be a pain in the stomach. In addition, grapes are round and slippery and can cause choking. Up to two years is more useful to give the bananas.

Children’s multivitamins. Vitamins a child should receive from food, and in addition to give your baby beautiful cubs should be only on doctor’s orders. In any case, consult your pediatrician.

Milkshakes. Parents often choose such cocktails as an alternative to fizzy drinks. However, the hazards are almost the same as in milk shakes contains large amounts of sugar and fat. Regular consumption of such drinks can lead to the development of cardiovascular disease in children.