Harvey Weinstein has accused four more women

Харви Вайнштейна обвинили еще четыре женщины

Four more women have accused Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of rape. Writes about this Variety.

It is noted that one of onlineclinic at the time of violence was 17 years. They met with Weinstein in 1994. The man invited her to his hotel room to discuss her film career. The producer allegedly took the girl’s documents and threatened with the inability to build a career if she tells someone about what happened in the room.

To 34-year-old resident of Ecuador Weinstein molested in 1984 in Cannes. After the incident, she began to engage in documentary.

The third victim has accused the producer of rape, in 2008 in his apartment in new York.

In 2013 during the Venice film festival, Weinstein made a 35-year-old native of Hungary to engage in oral sex with him after a trial in his office.

In addition, the lawsuit appears the brother of producer Bob Weinstein, as well as large companies Miramax and Disney. Representatives of the company allegedly knew about the actions of Weinstein or guessed about them.